Strait Superport Corporation

Mission Statement:

To promote and accommodate marine operations in the Strait of Canso for the benefit of the area’s economy.

The Strait of Canso is one of the best deep-water, ice-free ports on the east coast of North America. The Strait Superport is proud to be an advocate for the local marine services industry — and a catalyst for economic growth in the Strait area. Our partners and stakeholders share our vision of making the Strait Port second-to-none in the shipping and marine services space.

The Strait of Canso Superport Corporation owns and operates two marine facilities in the Strait of Canso: the Mulgrave Marine Terminal and the Port Hawkesbury Pier. The Strait Superport was formed in 1997 as a non-profit organization, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that represents diverse interests in the Strait of Canso region.

The Strait Superport strives to globally promote the benefits of the Strait of Canso as the port of choice for moving product to and from North American markets. We continue to pursue new ways to expand our business and infrastructure that will in turn sustain our local marine industry and nearby communities.

Canso Superport’s Objectives [set against background image/texture]

  • plan, develop and upgrade port infrastructure, facilities, equipment and technologies
  • market, promote and identify opportunities for cargo and traffic for the Strait of Canso
  • inform, communicate and advocate on behalf of stakeholders on issues affecting harbour management
  • own and operate marine terminals, facilities, vessels, equipment, land and building

The Birth of the Strait Superport

In 1995, the Canadian Government announced the National Marine Policy, which outlined the federal government’s plan to modernize and rationalize Canada’s marine transportation system. That policy’s Port Divestiture Program allowed local interests to acquire public ports in their area. In 1996, the process began to transfer the ownership and operation of regional and local ports from Transport Canada to other federal departments, provincial/territorial governments,  municipalities, and private entities. As a result, authority and responsibility for most of the ports across the nation were transferred to local organizations.

In 1996, Transport Canada signed a Letter of Intent with the Strait of Canso Superport Corporation to transfer harbour and port assets at the Strait of Canso.  In 2000, the Mulgrave Marine Terminal and the Port Hawkesbury Government Wharf were transferred to the Strait Superport. The harbour bed management and regulatory control of shipping in the Strait of Canso remains Transport Canada’s responsibility. In 2001, the Port Hawkesbury PIer underwent a $2.4 million wharf reconstruction and replacement upgrade. The following year approximately 300 metres of the Mulgrave Marine Terminal’s south berth or 60% of the overall berthage space at the terminal — was reconstructed a cost of $4.2 million.  Today, both marine facilities are fully functional and are used by a variety of vessels year round.